EP!C TV is a place for geeks, reenactors, postapers and similar weirdos.
We are creating EP!C video of all sorts. We wanna entertain, educate, we wanna show you how many interesting things goes around. We are EP!C TV.

EP!C crew

Martin “Mathy” Matějka

cameraman, video editor, designer, production, director

Verča Matějková

editor, moderator, director and cosplayer

EP!C supporters

Tomáš “Čóry” Skoupý

screenwriter, moderator, IMPROvisator

Gabriela „Shial“ Pešková

moderator, graphic designer and cosplayer


  • Geekárna is an awesome geek-pub, filled mostly with weird people. Which is why we love comming back. And not only for a beer, we also created alot of stuff here.
  • Lots of gadget ocasionally is borrowed from Centrum dětí, an awesome group of McGivers who runs hilarious summer camps
  • Sky_Max – a YouTube comedy channel with better equipment and better knowlage.
  • Michal Kára · LARPy, cosplay a tak – very skilled photographer and cameraman who accompany us very often.

Thank you!

HalfDead team

These days it’s hard to say where EP!C TV ends and HalfDead team begins, since most of us work together anyway, but this team of film makers is existing in various forms for many years. One of the first things we did was shooting of a film project Polomrtvý (polomrtvý means half-dead), a megalomanic project which aims to make a full featured filmbased on undead campaign of Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

So far we issued the first part, rest of it comming soon(er or later).

And then we made a few other shorter movies. Check out our  Youtube channel!

Our HalfDead projects: